The well known and established folk artist, the young musical sensation, Gafur Khan, has been spreading the flavours of folk music to more than 20+ countries. A musician par excellence, from the city of Jaisalmer, he is among the 7th Generation of Manganiyar Folk Musicians and has been gracefully carrying forward this divine tradition of ancient folk music.

From the roots of Rajasthan

A celebrated name in the world of music and entertainment, Gafur Khan is the young musical prodigy who brings the true colours of Indian Folk, Classical, Fusion, Sufi and Rajasthani music to life. Traditionally from the ‘Golden City’ of India, Jaisalmer, famed for its rich and diverse history of kings, poets and musicians, Gafur was born in a musical family and is among the members of the 7th generation of Manganiyar folk musicians from Rajasthan. He started his formal music training in Vocals, Kartal, Morchang and Bhapang at the tender age of 6, specializes in a Manganiyar Folk style called Jangra, leads the renowned folk-fusion band ‘The Gafur Khan Group’ and has been associated with the music industry for the past 18 years. His group is a mixed flavour of Vocals, Dholak, Harmonium, Morchang, Kartal, Keyboard and Drums and has performed in all kinds of events. A band member and a younger brother of the well-known Kutle Khan, Gafur’s music tour includes countries such as France, Germany, Sydney, Vienna, Egypt, has performed all over India including some of the noted festivals such as NH7 Weekender, Jaipur Literature Festival, Bollywood Music Project and Saptak Festival.

Performances by Gafur Khan

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